Hatha Yoga teacher and dancer

Laylalu Celis

Laylalu is a yoga, twerkout and music teacher, she is Lu’s daughter; part owner and manager of The House of Yoga studio. She has practicing Hatha Yoga for 11 years due to her arthritis, it helped her with rehabilitation 

After not being able to walk for three years. Lots of trial and error and finding out what works best with her health. her mother helped her with yoga and soon started implementing Cannabis into her lifestyle and overtime it reduced inflammation drastically and helped her being able to move and walk again. - Laylalu picked up the guitar at the age of twelve then after several instruments; Ukulele(soprano and baritone) piano and Banjo she began to teach after a couple of years and in 2018 took a twerkout course under Lexy Panterra. - Now Laylalu is trying to make yoga, dance and music fun, relaxing and an unwinding experience for people whether they are beginners or experienced students. 

Founder of The House of Yoga

Lu Pancini

Lu Pancini is the owner of The House of Yoga 

Loving mother of three and a hard worker, her classes are the most challenging of the studio. 

Constantly being involved with fitness through her youth, she as a used to be a fighter at Judo Clube Augusto Cordeiro in Rio De Janeiro and then Jiu-jitsu with Carson family and soon enough became a Rio de Janeiro champion in 1990 ( judo )

Lu’s first daughter Laylalu suffered from juvenile arthritis at the age of two. By the age of nine and not being able to walk, Lu began to treat her holistically with different diets and later implemented Cannabis, which helped her drastically with inflammation over the years and ever since finding beauty in this wonderful plant, bringing it into her own cannabis-friendly studio in the future.

After having her second child she began to be more fitness motivated and began to practice body-building, winning second place in the Canada competition. - 15 years ago she did her yoga certification in Montreal Heaven on earth Yoga institute / Anusara Yoga and after Yoga Shala with Mark Darby. And 12 years ago began to study Thai Yoga Massage with Kam Thye Chow and after finishing her studies proceeded to Still Light Yoga in Toronto with Shai Plonski. - In 2011 Lu opened The House of Yoga studio that became popularized by its ganja-friendly uniqueness along with a warm community of people. She began doing her own teacher training a couple of years ago at her own studio.  Lu made her own retreat/YTT in Brazil, Florianopolis. People love her bright, talkative and ecstatic personality, people come to Lu’s yoga classes for many reasons but one being that people absolutely love her energy.

Co-founder of The House of Yoga

Joey Lungreen

Joey Lundgreen part-owner of The House of Yoga

One of the main yogis of the studio, partner to Lu and wonderful friend.

He met Lu six years ago and began to get passionate about Yoga and Healing therapies. He studied laughing yoga 10 years ago. Joey brings a positive, fun and unique experience to the studio. From animal movements to body-work. Joey teaches beginner/intermediate classes that allow people to feel comfortable and relaxed with his yoga classes. Joey and Lu studied close fitness and education with Vanessa Crepaldi and Leonardo Menezes in Brazil at Centro de trainamento Body Angel in Florianopolis.